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Down on the Farm (splat)

No … really … I was down … on the farm.

So, we went to a dog-pack-walk on a farm to help socialize our Australian Shepherd, Max. This is a monthly walk that the trainer Will Thomas does with his clients. We went to the walk for the first time last month.

The last time, Max was a little too aggressive with the other dogs when loose on the farm. We worked with him at home since then, and this time he did much better, or at least so I thought. Keep your eye on this German Shepherd (GSD), and we’ll get to him later.

Since Max was doing so well with following my lead, I let him play with the pack. I went over to the other side of the field to talk with some of the humans. My back toward the  frolicking medium-to-large dogs, I wasn’t aware, that about a half dozen of them decided to join us humans on our side of the field … at top speed!

Now, I really wish I could share a picture of this calamity, but I was the one holding the camera when going down. I’d like to describe it as feeling like slow motion, but it happened so fast I don’t have a lot of memory about the details. Here is what I remember …

The dogs ran head-on into my backside where I flopped into the air like a rag doll. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel myself hit the ground, and later I realized why. Landing on the dogs broke my impact. However, I did feel a sharp pain in my left ankle, which happened to twist from its implanted spot in the soil.

My eyes flooded with water from the pain, while a swarm of both humans and dogs surrounded me. All the dogs appeared to be fine, and actually sniffed around me as if concerned that their rowdy play injured me.

Two strong men lifted me up. Ever so carefully, I set my foot down to put pressure on the left ankle. Whew! It took my weight and I walked-off the pain. Twenty minutes later I stood nearby the pond where the same powerhouse dogs took a dip in the water. Max shocked me at how much he loved it. Below are a couple pictures of him in there, and then we’ll get to the GSD I mentioned earlier.

Below is a photo of the GSD and his favorite obsession.

Again, I left Max on his own to play, when suddenly, in the distance, I heard a vicious dog attack, and another dog wailing in pain. Some men ran over and broke up the fight. I approached my husband who helped with the situation.

“Woe, what happened?” I asked, not thinking for a minute my dog took any part in the melee.

“The German Shepherd attacked Max.”

“What? Oh my God, was that Max’s terrified shriek I heard?” I bent to baby my poor baby.

“Yup. Our stupid dog tried to play with the German Shepherd’s stick. A dog twice his size!”

“Did you find any blood?” I inspected as I questioned.

“No, the dog pinned him down by the ear, but he’s fine.”

This did not end our misadventures. Max, somehow, didn’t learn his lesson the first time. He went right straight back for the GSD’s stick a second time. The same thing happened, and he got a little red mark on his ear, but no blood.

Despite the mishaps, the three of us still had an enjoyable time. I mean, I can’t argue with that smiling face on the left.

It’ll be a year next week, that Max came into our home. I’d like to write a little something more about him in another blog sometime soon.

12 thoughts on “Down on the Farm (splat)”

  1. Loved this post; aren’t dogs wonderful? The GSD probably needs a biggggggggg dog to take away his stick and bite him on his ear…no not really. It isn’t his fault that his owner has not trained him better.
    Glad you were not seriously hurt.


  2. Wow great post. Your Max sounds really hardy!

    One time our puppy Jackson was viciously attacked by a pitbull and seemed quite traumatized by the incident. He growled at the next dog he saw. He seems to have recovered now, though, and is very playful with other dogs.

    I was, however, very unhappy with myself for not being more wrathful with the pit’s owner. It was of the leash at a public park. I still kick myself in the butt for that. Next time I might just call animal control.


    1. Thanks Nick. You know, I did find a couple of scabs on Max this week. I’m pretty sure they came from that incident. Max wasn’t being aggressive, just wanting to play. The GSD would have no part of sharing. Not sure we’re going to go back next month or not, but it did seem to teach Max socialization. Despite that incident, he’s gotten better at it.

      OMG, about your pup Jackson. How scary. Was he seriously injured? I’m not a big fan of dog parks for the reason that you don’t know if the other owners have trained their dogs properly. I like the environment of the pack-walk with the trainer there to ask questions, but now I’m concerned. That GSD will always be there because he lives on the farm. It is not the trainer’s farm or GSD.

      I’m glad your Jackson is okay. Sounds like he let go of the incident. Dogs our wonderful teachers on living in the moment.


  3. Well what can I say except lucky you ….the dogs saved you from a bad fall!!!!!What a great bunch to try to catch you on their backs…..You were so lucky…Glad Max had a good time Hugssssssss to both of you


  4. Lori, oh no, I am so sorry that you fell and were hurt! Are you doing better today? Sure hope so. A great blog, a great dog, and a fun read.


    1. Hi Kathy, I’m doing good, just dealing with a little leftover whiplash. My husband made fun of me and told everyone I was taking names. Heh. Thanks so much your concern. 🙂


  5. Max isn’t about to let a big dog have his fun huh? glad to hear your ankle is ok! a hurting ankle is not the way to end the day 😦


    1. Thanks Andy. I thought my ankle and leg muscles would be sore the next day (Sunday), but instead, I had neck pain like whiplash! No pain in the ankle or leg though. My neck pain has subsided today too. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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