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Losing Faith in Karma

Not feeling the best this week. It’s really nothing serious in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s making me super sensitive to what’s going on in my life. Normally these things would bother me to some extent, but I’d be able to let them go. This time, because I’m dragging a bit, they are sticking to me like glue. I don’t really want to air dirty laundry on this very public blog, but I thought I’d write a little generalized scenario.

Do you believe in Karma? You know, that thing described on the poster above.

I believe so deeply in this concept, that years ago, I even wrote a poem about it.

Life Circle

Life does not have a start line
or finish line.
Life is not about winning a game.
Life does not travel in a straight line,
but rather,
it glides through a circle.
Your deeds will touch others
as you travel.
Those very same deeds you express
will come back around the circle to you.
This begs the question:
If you cannot trust others in the life circle,
what untrustworthy deeds have you expressed?
Can you stand to face your returning deeds
with welcoming arms,
or do you wait in fear
for the day those deeds return?

by Lori (L. Virelli)

What I don’t understand is … why do people treat me like I would NOT have treated them? I’ve never disrespected, nor would I ever disrespect people like it’s been done to me this past week. Did I put out bad karma in some other area, and this is the form karma took in return?

Actually, this isn’t the only time that I’ve been treated this way by them. It happens a lot with these certain people. But, like I said, I usually only get annoyed for a short time and then let it go. This week I’m not feeling good, and I’m really hurt by what they’ve done.

I’ve discussed it with these people before, and they don’t even understand that their behavior is hurtful. They just don’t get it. They think it’s perfectly normal.

Okay, enough griping and feeling sorry for myself on a blog. This too shall pass. It’s just taking a little longer than usual.

Any thoughts on the karma idea? Could I be guilty of bad karma and that’s why this happens to me? Then again, is karma just another guilt inducer? Funny, I brought up the topic of guilt on my blog before (part 2), and now I can add this to the list from that blog post.

It’s something to chew on.


24 thoughts on “Losing Faith in Karma”

  1. Lori,
    I’m not familiar with the Tao. I have never studied a religion other than Christianity. I appreciate being provoked by your affirming comments. Now to the Tao..


    1. Hey James, I’ve read only about the basics of some other religions. The Tao doesn’t really have a dogma from what I could tell. I read the Tao te Ching, which is the philosophy of the Tao, sort of like their “bible.” I don’t really know much more about it than I shared here. Hope all is well with you.


  2. Lori,

    Ever since I read your blog on karma I have pondered the question of karma itself. We cannot change what has past and forgiveness seems all important in the healing power of this spiritual philosophy.
    Karma is an ever present consciousness.

    It seems to me, to understand karma we must first acknowledge it’s source. I believe that negative karma is often in questioning something we have or had no control over to begin with. In other words, when we begin to worry our minds about why something happened or is happening with regard to seeking karmic understanding, we have immediately set ourselves up for the karma resulting from our questions. Instead of letting go of what has past or is passing, we must accept the moment we are presently living and send forth the good and understanding karma we seek to obtain and sustain ahead. It’s a daily ritual, a prayer lived, a mantra. Otherwise, it is the suffrage of our own false and misunderstanding question of, why. We either offer (positive acceptance) or draw (negative energy), laboriously questioning karma itself. We must forgive our circumstances, others and ourselves continually. The overt mistakes we make are obvious. It is in every form of the word, (trying), without understanding. It is Works, without faith. jjr


    1. Hi James. Yes, I do see your point. It’s sort of like the Tao. It is what is is … Coming into acceptance is a big part of what you are saying here. Don’t fight it by questioning, but move with the flow of life. Go with the current. Yes, thank you for sharing this. Nice to hear from you.


  3. Lovely poem and insightful post with great comments. I am sorry that you are suffering. Whomever these people are, are truly not your friends. I like to think I believe in Karma, however, when I see bad people reap great rewards, then I am in doubt.
    This, too, shall pass.


  4. Instant Karma

    Regarding relations:

    We are all in “one,” subject to the energy we offer and immanently receive. It is not in part but the whole of humanity that is either, sustained or consumed by the ideology of Karma.

    What we believe . . . is.

    What we bring to the table of life is either resolve or pain, and often they‘re one of the same. Both are essential to the whole.

    Pain is the rocky-road to resolve.

    Resolve in its highest conveyance, is considerate of all parties concerned and full of wisdom.

    No argument stands in the genuine concern of, “us.” Destructive argument is in the persistent will
    of, “I.”

    The Bible says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

    What we believe . . . is.

    P.S. I realize these things are higher ground than we generally stand on. However, it is the solace of knowing and the pursuit of our place in the highest understanding of immutable truth that heals our weary hearts and minds.

    “Keep The Faith,” Lori, And Who Know You, Know, You Do.


  5. I enjoyed your poem, and your post very my much. I believe in Karma as well, and I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe them treating you that way is life’s way of nudging you in the direction to stay away from them? Sometimes you need to move on from certain social groups, or just individuals. If they don’t fit comfortably in your life, you can try and make them fit. Like you did by talking to them and informing them of issues. If they don’t fit, then they just don’t fit. Or it could just be a step in your life that will result in making you a stronger person. You evolve and are able to be stronger emotionally against certain negative behavior.

    Just my thoughts….. I hope you are feeling better with this issue you had. I know that ‘dragging’ feeling…It’s never fun, but it does pass! Cheers to you! Lovely post!


    1. There really is no way to completely remove these people from our lives, but we do distance ourselves (husband and I) as much as possible. They aren’t deliberately mean, they are just self-centered and don’t realize it. Their selfishness is insensitive and hurtful, but I let it go after I let off some steam.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Sometimes I like thinking deep. Thanks so much for commenting.


  6. Whenever you perform an action it is called Karma, and the results it yields (the fruit of action) depends upon the action performed. Many strongly believe in the concept of Karma, which transcends every living being in the world, as you said before. I liked your post on this discussion of Karma. What goes around comes around, and this is called the cycle of Karma. Please don’t feel bad about the stuff occuring with you at present, as this is part of the cycle, and when this cycle of Karma ends, another cycle will begin. Our focus needs to be , to take care that we don’t do bad Karma. If you believe in past lives and rebirths, then you will get an answer about Karma and the nature of its results. People who may do bad Karma to you without reason, would feel its aftereffects some way or the other when their time comes,but you may or may not know about it. Its the way the universe works. Keep writing good posts 🙂


  7. Isn’t internet fantastic … reading your beautiful poem and intresting post – and the comments you have received – the world is full of wonderful, understandig and supporting people. Even if I believe in that we, ourselve can create people’s behavior against us, sometimes, but not is not all up to us. Karma or not.


    1. Pusspudding you have given me another something to chew on. 😉 Certainly we can’t create someone else’s behavior. It’s up to them how they behave. It’s up to me how I react. I guess I’m not reacting too great this week. Thanks so much for your support and comment.


  8. I have two reflections, not sure which is correct:
    1. Karma extends back and forward through lifetimes. Who can know what seeds we have planted in times past that are now ripening? What we can be sure of is that if we’re experiencing it, it is our karma somehow. That’s part of radical responsibility. Ask the Tibetans what they did to incur the abominable Chinese invasion.
    2. Karma is collective. Like “original sin,” we share other people’s sh*t. Their stuff may have noting to do with you, but you are “guilty” by virtue of your being in a human body. I’m not sure I buy this one, though.


    1. Thanks for sharing your take on it Nick. I look at Karma differently. I have sort of a pantheistic view of the world, and so whatever we do affects the whole. So, perhaps your second reflection is not so far off. It may be that because we are all manifest from One energy, like a tub water for example … anything thing that moves one part of the water is going to move ALL of the water at some point. So, even if the movement/action comes from someplace else besides where I’m standing/me, it’s still going to affect me in some way. Just another little something to chew on.


  9. Nope, I don’t believe in Karma. But before I go on: let me give you a big HUG, precious Lori! I sense… I feel… I want to run to you and comfort you but I guess the words on the screen will have to do as for now 😉

    Remember what you commented on one of my posts? People will disappoint you! They always will, Lori.

    We always have this picture of Jesus: combed hair, always smiling, wearing a white robe – just a beautiful man in his mid-thirties, someone many people would like to meet. But reading the first few verses in Isaiah 53 “…he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.”

    And yet, it is this man that came to save us? He loved us first.

    I know, Lori, it is often hard to understand and to do but we need to love the (“these” included) people – not because they are lovable but because we are full of Love. It takes a lot of patience. Sometimes it just seems unbearable – so unfair.

    So, the only way, it seems, is to “love first”. But how can a person give what s/he does not have? YOU, precious one, need love first – lotsa Love! I pray the LORD will give you a very special touch these coming days. May He send some comforting words, some loving people, and lots of encouragement along your way!

    PS: Lori, you know where to find me 😉 Contact me and keep in touch, if you want to – if you need a “listening ear” (reading eye). I’ll be there for you!


    1. As ever, the very kind Mirjam sends me comforting words. Thank you for the supportive comment and your generous offer to talk. I will definitely keep it in mind.


  10. As a sensitive person, but as a person who also shares a lot of my life on this very public blog … i can usually let bad karma roll off, or keep myself protected from bad karma. I can’t think of reasons why people do mean stuff when (at least to my knowledge) i didn’t do anything untrustworthy or mean to start the cycle. None of us is perfect FOR SURE, so i assume we all make mistakes and we’ll get our Karma for it!


    1. Mel, you may be sensitive but you’re strong. It’s important you share what you’ve experience to give others back their hope and strength too. Thanks for commenting.


  11. Your poem is beautiful! Very insightful.

    I believe in karma, and yet I have often struggled with what you are describing. (And yes, for us of the perpetual guilt, karma is just another way to feel guilty, lol)!

    I have had to find a way to rationalize the bad stuff we receive that we don’t deserve. I think those hurtful comments and actions must be teaching tools of some kind from the universe. It may sound trite, but I do actually try to look back at the really painful moments (once I’ve picked up the pieces from my head exploding), and try to take away something -ANYTHING – that I can learn from what has happened; something that can make me stronger or kinder in the long run, even though it knocked me down temporarily. Sometimes I even try to sympathize with the person who hurt me. You and I are lucky – we have enough insight to WANT to treat people with kindess. How sad it would be to go through life as an insensitive, hardened jack-ass 🙂 Those folks may seem to have it easier than those of us who seek their kindness and approval, but in the long run, I think they are miserable.

    Then there’s the idea that we are all doled out a certain amount of suffering and grief just for being on the planet. I see it as “life tax”. No matter how you treat others, or what you give to family-friends-society, nobody is totally exempt from the life tax. Perhaps we are being taxed for something done in a prior life? I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Just remember, when you put kindness “out there”, someone gets it…it’s like a ripple. It may not come back to us in the way we expect, but it will come back somehow.


    1. Well, little miss happy366, you just spread a little happy and kindness my way. Thank you for saying just what I needed to hear. I certainly can’t argue with that logic. 🙂


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