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Confession from a Novice Blogger

Hey, pssst, you regular bloggers out there … why didn’t you tell me this stuff was addicting?

A few years ago, my writer’s critique group told me I needed a blog to help promote my writing endeavors. I’m not super computer savvy and knew it would take me not hours, not days, but weeks to figure out how to create one. I put it off, until I could do so no longer.

Just this past December, during the week of Christmas, I got word that my short story anthology was being published on Christmas weekend. So, I quickly took a peek at WordPress and put together the simplest, most basic blog I could muster.

What’s this? An email from WordPress? Somebody “liked” me? How does that work?

Yep, I had no clue. Sure, I’d been on facebook, but blogging is a whole different ball game. I didn’t know somebody could like me on blogs too.

My eyes widened at every new, informative window that popped up. Woe! What is this page with all the bars? Oh, cool … that’s the amount of clicks to my blog. What are all these stats? My mouth fell wide open and my eyes dried out from staring at the screen.

I can put up links and photos? I can add more pages? Click, click, click. Before I knew it, I had added several pages. There goes my basic blog.

First comments came from two wonderful friends, but they figured out how to comment before I ever did. How do I reply? Yes, you can see, I eventually figured that out too.

I’ll never forget my first comment from someone who was not a relative. Woo hoo! I moved my mouse over her gravatar and … viola! What the heck is this mini-window? I clicked, and it opened to a beautiful photo of a beagle in the snow, and happiness! I don’t know where Michelle has been lately, but it was fun discovering her blog The Happy 366 and so many others.

What does this mean … somebody followed me? Like magic, a message dinged into my email box to answer that question. Plus, I could follow them too!

Why didn’t somebody warn me that my writing would take a back seat to this stuff? My poor, poor neglected, very first fiction novel is lying in wait for its characters to spring back to action. My writer’s group is frustrated with me, I left them at a cliff hanger. Will Meg cheat on her husband? I still don’t know myself. I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Right now I cut back to three posts a week, but there are so many great blogs that I follow. How can I miss out on reading those? Dang! I’ve got to get back to my writing.

I’ve been blogging for two months and consider myself a novice. I still don’t understand how everything works. I’ve been to the help pages too. Can someone explain a pingback better than the help page?

Hello, my name is Lori, and I’m a blog-aholic.


32 thoughts on “Confession from a Novice Blogger”

  1. Lol! I’m a blog-a-holic too, obviously…I take a sec each day when I should be working my “day job” to glance at the great blogs I follow, while neglecting my own 😦

    I love it that someone talked you into this, and that I happened upon it! I got into blogging to find accountability, to keep a promise to myself each day and not be sidetracked. What I’ve learned instead is that life IS a sidetrack, and the important thing is to be better late than never…even if that means enjoying reading great stuff other people put out there! Keep it up!


    1. Yayhoo, thanks for stopping by Michelle. I’m so glad you happened upon my blog. You’re right, life IS a sidetrack. So, we go through Step One, admitted our addiction. Think we’ll make it through the other eleven? Nahhhh.


  2. Ahh, so there’s your motivation and how you do it so well … the instant feedback … feeds you. 🙂 I’m fascinated with human behavior, and I love reading and writing about it. Stories show the lessons we can learn from it too, and it’s what feeds my writing about Meg (and other characters). Now, to get back to her. Thanks so much for clicking on this link I shared and reading.


    1. After reading your response, I am not sure that it is the instant feedback that feeds me. That feeds me later, after the post is written. What feeds me first is the joy that I feel watching words come out of the typing fingers. That is what truly keeps this going, the sheer joy of it.


        1. Thank you for enjoying the photos. I am glad you like them! I can tell you for sure that my entire motivation in taking pictures is to share them with others. Have never yet felt the joy connected with writing in connection with photography. But other folks say they like the photos, so I continue to share them.


  3. OK, Lori, I love it! What a great blog! (Gosh if I could just stop my addiction long enough to read all these wonderful blog posts…) You are a fun writer. Will Meg cheat on her husband? Will anyone ever find out? Want to know a secret? I love the instant feedback of blogging. How could one sit there for hours and days and weeks writing about Meg when you can write great blogs like these and have instant connection and recognition and support?


  4. Loved this. I, too, have published but nothing I think anyone would want to read. After a year here at WP, I know little to nothing. I just do the same thing and hope it works.


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  6. This made me giggle

    I used to blog pretty regularly, but then I stopped for several years and have only just now decided to take it up again.

    Happy blogging 😀


  7. Oh, yes… sorry about that. Someone should have warned you. I’ve been at this for five years now and there’s still much I don’t understand. I just do what works and stick with it, once in a while learning new and cool things about blogging. But I’m definitely addicted too!

    P.S. I technically don’t “follow” you, but I added your URL to my feed reader so I’m sure to know when you’ve published something new!


  8. Addictive – very much so … if we wasn’t addictive then we hadn’t been blogging. Come is a very nice package – like your blog. *smile – only been at for 2 months and really like what I’m doing.


  9. Holy smokes … hey! you should have contacted iamnotshe … she knows a bit about addictions. All is fair in substance and behavior. HA HA HA. i’m having some blog trauma myself.

    CONGRATULATIONS on publishing. Awesome, cool, wonderful! xoxoxo m


      1. Hello Lori,
        Welcome to a wonderful world full of silence and laughter. Laughter from your side of the screen that is.
        I’m a bit like you. At first I was reluctant to blog at all and for months the only content was tumbleweed blowing across it.
        Now, I get a little tense if I can’t find the time for a post at least once a week.
        Happy blogging Lori and hope to read more of your posts.



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