Scenes from a Valentine’s Day non-date …

… with my husband. Every year on Feb. 14 we go to the Florida State Fair. It’s just another day to us because we’d go there whether the holiday existed or not. Remember I talked about eating Fair food? Well, keep scrolling.  (No actual food photos, but plenty of kiosks. Btw, I keep forgetting to bring my camera and we took them from a phone. Please forgive the quality. I’m usually much more picky with my quality photos but had no choice.)

This is what it looked like at dusk when we first arrived. Click continue below for more photos.

And after it got dark (below)

Check out the hanging swings in the upper left corner of the below photo, then scroll down to see them flapping in the wind.

We didn’t go in to see this one, but it made me giggle (below).

Of these food kiosks shown, the one below is the only one I ate … after my string fries and chicken on a stick.

This waffle ice cream sandwich was Dee-lish. The waffle was made fresh and the ice cream pressed into the warm pastry. It wasn’t too rich either, because the waffle was unsweet and the ice cream sweet. Yum.

Hope you enjoyed the State Fair as much as I did. 🙂

Here’s another Non-Valentine’s Day Date.


6 thoughts on “Scenes from a Valentine’s Day non-date …”

  1. Thanks Terri ~ Yep, those are from my hubby’s cell phone. I took a lot more and picked the best of the bunch to post. I have a friend who lives in MN and she has told me about the fair there too. Good times. Thanks for checking out my blog.


  2. These are cell-phone photos? All of them? That first one is a beauty!

    Your photos remind me so much of the Minnesota state fair in late August and early September. It’s the one time of year everyone allows themselves to indulge in foods we wouldn’t otherwise even consider. SO many calories, but SO delicious.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed being introduced to yours!


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