Early morning on the farm? Me?

Just like parents change their lives for their kids, I find I change my life for my dog. I don’t do mornings, and Saturdays are for sleeping in. Not today! Our local dog whisperer/trainer (Will Thomas) has a pack gathering on a farm once a month in the early morning. We took Max today to socialize him with other dogs. Wow! That was fun … for Max. He had me scared out of my wits when he took on a German Shepherd twice his size!

Max tends to get a bit aggressive, it’s why we brought him there, to get some help. The trainer said that Max does over do it a bit, but he listens to correction … except from ME! I know what I have to do to fix it. Glad we went, but I forgot to bring my camera. Only got a few shots from my old fashioned phone, can’t even get on the web with it. I thought I’d share the pics below. Anyone in central Florida interested in the dog trainer, his link is on my blogroll.     Click continue for photos.

He wouldn't stop even for a minute. Check out the horses behind the fence.
He hasn't been around water with us much yet, so it was great to see him run right into the pond. He is the wet one with his back to the camera on the edge of the water.


5 thoughts on “Early morning on the farm? Me?”

  1. Hey Shannon, fun to hear about Tres. The GS was not aggressive at all in the tug-of-war play, Max wasn’t too bad either, until a Dobie jumped in and got him riled up. The trainer had to step in. However, I was scared with Max not concerned about taking on any dog, even those twice his size. I tried really hard to stay calm. Whew! Thanks for the comments Shannon. Hope you are doing well. Getting closer ….


  2. Love the pictures! Dog socialization with a trainer on site is a great idea! I think it will be helpful for all.

    On a tug-of-war note, my Tres (80 pounds) used to play tug-of-war with my friends dog Piper (about 20 pounds). Neither one was dog-aggressive so it was hillarious to watch – Piper pulling with all her might and Tres just casually hanging on. Both are gone now – maybe they are playing tug-of-war in heaven now.


  3. Yes Lauren, there were a few GSDs there, and Max played tug-of-war over a throw-toy with one twice his size! It was scary, but I’m glad we did it.


  4. I think I noticed a couple GSDs in the pics…I wonder if my Keyser would do well there. He is dog aggressive too – I’d be scared to death. But I wonder if the stimulation overload would temper his response…I am thrilled that Max enjoyed himself!


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