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Okay, so I’m a Freak

Isn’t it supposed to be cold outside right now? That’s why I’m a freak, because I expect it to be cold in January. Not only that, I want it to be cold.

For those of you who haven’t read my memoirs yet, I’m from Chicago but live in Florida. I miss cuddling up under a blanket and snuggling with my husband. I miss sitting in front of a crackling fire.

I miss slurping a hot cup of homemade chicken noodle soup to melt my frozen bones. I have a great recipe for Chili, but only get a chance to make it about once a year. Where I live, it’s too hot to eat something hot. What about my family’s favorite warming-up food … pasta fagioli.

My Florida friends get mad at me when I complain about it here. I understand that people love it here, and I don’t begrudge them. I hope no one begrudges me for missing things from my hometown. I’m not really complaining, just getting whimsical and rambling about it on my blog.

I guess I’m one of these rare (freak) people who actually likes change. Not to mention that I’m a woman in the stage of life where she’s always hot! πŸ˜› Eight months of hot doesn’t bode well with the state of my health.

Have you ever seen the movie Pleasantville? Nothing ever changed there so everything was in black & white. It never rained, or snowed and the sun always shined. The temperature … perfect. Then, one day things started to change, and little by little their world started to turn from black & white to color.

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Forever Summer
I long for summer to end,

and to gaze upon fall’s foliage.
I long for crisp autumn days
and the crunch of leaves under my feet.

I long for a landscape of sparkling snow,
and for the first buds of spring.
I miss the scent of burning leaves,
and the serenity of fluttering snowflakes.

I miss lilacs delicate fragrance
and the first warm summer day to wear shorts.
I pine for those days when cool grass tickled at my bare toes
with no worry about fire ants burning my skin.

My heart yearns for change,
those times in life that teach us
and give us the opportunity to transform.

I live in a place where the sun always shines,
lawns are mostly green,
and the air is warm and moist.
Nothing ever changes.
Seasons don’t exist.
Beauty in nature abounds.
I long for summer to end.

By Lori (L. Virelli)


8 thoughts on “Okay, so I’m a Freak”

  1. Thank you James, for your poetic comments. Autumn is my favorite too, and I try to go home to see my family in the north at that time of year so I can experience it again. Stay warm. πŸ™‚


  2. Lori,

    Thank You.

    Your longings are reminiscent of days past and hopes to come. They are the melancholy musings of grey sky’s, cuddling by the fire and reading in a window seat under blankets and hot cocoa.

    They remind me of my youth yearning for winters breaking into spring and rejoicing for June thru Augusts summer days delights on the boardwalk and the seashore songs of summer.

    Yet, even as a child, autumn has always been my favorite season. It’s colorful majesty and the sweet perfume of dying leaves have always rendered for me, the most inspirational musings of all. It moves my soul.


  3. You are funny. Keep it up, I enjoy reading your blog.
    I don’t think you are a freak, I just think all of us, at one point or another, miss certain things we no longer have or are able to do because of time constrain, kids, school, work, etc.
    Regarding Florida’s weather, yes, it is pretty hot and I experienced that first hand when I lived in Tampa, Orlando, and Pensacola. The worst was Pensacola. I only would go out when I had to go to school and work, other than that, I was, what I liked to call myself then, a creature of the night. Now, do you know what is the ironic part about it? I am from Ecuador, and it is like an oven in the tropical part of this country where I lived for almost 15 years so most people would assume I am used to the heat and humidity, right? Wrong. As time went by I noticed, specially this past Summer, that I prefer the Fall, Winter, and Spring, but detest the Summer. This Winter is the first time I have not complained about how cold it gets here in Maryland. I was surprised because every year I would say, “horrible weather, and on top of that I have to wear a hundred sweaters”. I get cold very easy. My cousin told me once that I looked like the Pillsbury boy because I had so much clothing. Yes, I forgave her for that comment for she is like a little sister to me, but she was right, I had so many shirts, sweaters, etc. on that I lost count.
    Anyway, Florida is really hot, therefore you have every right to complain, and please continue blogging for your writing is interesting and funny at the same time.


    1. Ecuador! Yikes! I speak very little Spanish, but I know that means Equator. And I think it’s hot here. LOL

      Hey, I heard that it’s been a pretty mild winter thus far in the north this year. Maybe that’s why you haven’t complained as much. πŸ˜‰

      I’m sure the cold took a lot for you to get used to. It was a big enough culture shock for me just moving south. I hope you are doing well in Maryland now.

      BTW ~ I may need advice with Max. Had an issue with him today. We’re still working on him …


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